In Utah, we take our fishing seriously. From alpine lakes to crystal-clear streams to lower-elevation reservoirs, Utah's fishing is varied and it's fantastic.

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Fishing in Utah

Special programs

  • Blue Ribbon Fisheries
    Learn where to find a trophy-worthy catch or a solitary setting and pristine habitat on some of Utah's best fishing waters.
  • Utah Cutthroat Slam
    The Cutthroat Slam provides angling adventures and supports our native trout. For $20, you can register to embark on the challenge.
  • Western Native Trout Challenge
    Celebrate our western legacy by catching native trout and char in Utah and the other 11 participating Western states. For $25, you can sign up for the challenge.


Learn more

  • Record catches
    The Utah DWR keeps records of the biggest fish caught in Utah. Who knows? Maybe you'll catch a record fish on your next trip.
  • Fish health advisories
    Fish consumption information from Utah public health officials
  • Angling activities grants
    The DWR will help Utah-based organizations offer hands-on learning activities or events in the state for new anglers.
  • Fisheries Experiment Station
    The Logan station concerns itself with fish health and disease control, fisheries research, training, specialized fish culture and involvement with the DWR aquatic staff.
  • Fisheries surveys
    The DWR occasionally conducts surveys to provide you, the public, an additional way to share your thoughts and opinions with us.
  • Aquaponics
    As more people want to source and grow their own food, aquaponics is becoming increasingly popular. Many people use this self-contained process to raise fish for food within their homes.

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