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Ice angler sqatting on ice and snow, holding a caught yellow perch

Fishing contest rules

If you're planning a fishing contest or tournament, you can now apply online

Fishing contests in Utah are governed by DWR Administrative Rule R657-58: Fishing Contests and Clinics. In 2021, the DWR simplified this rule and replaced the paper application with an online application portal.

Apply to hold a fishing contest

Ice angler sqatting on ice and snow, holding a caught yellow perch

Will I need a COR for my fishing tournament or contest?

A Certificate of Registration (COR) is required for fishing contests that include any of the following:

  • 85 participants or more
  • Awards of $2,000 or more in cash, prizes or a combination of the two
  • A live fish weigh-in
  • Tagged fish

A COR is not required for a contest in which fish are not legally possessed by anglers. For example, a "catch-and-release" tournament, in which participants measure or take a photo of their fish after catching them and then immediately release them, does not require a COR.

How much does a COR cost?

A COR costs typically between $20 and $250, depending on the number of participants and the total prize value.

If your fishing contest requires a COR, you must apply for one through the online application portal and pay a nonrefundable $10 handling fee. If your contest is approved, the DWR will contact you and inform you of the COR fee.

What else do I need to know?

  • Applications must be received by the Division at least 45 days prior to the contest.
  • Fishing contests may not be held on free fishing day or legal holidays.
  • Multiple contests may not occur on the same day at the same waterbody. (See the list of current fishing contests.) The online application portal will inform you if the contest you would like to schedule conflicts with a previously scheduled contest.
  • Contest participants may not possess any fish species, amount of fish, or size of fish that have not been approved by the Utah Wildlife Board for the waterbody. See the current Utah Fishing Guidebook for rules for specific waters.
  • Coldwater fish (any fish in the family Salmonidae, salmon, trout, whitefish, char, grayling and associated hybrids) taken in approved fishing contests may not be culled or otherwise released alive after possession.
  • Tagging of fish for tagged fish contests must be conducted only by Division personnel, or by designated representatives working under the direct supervision of the Division.
  • Obtaining COR approval may take up to 14 days.

In addition, you must ensure that all contest participants decontaminate their boats, either professionally or according to the directions on the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) self-certification form, and display their proof of decontamination in the windshield of their boat for the duration of the fishing contest. (If you are running the contest, it is your responsibility as the contest sponsor to make sure every boat complies with Utah's AIS rules.)

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