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Episode 56: Fishing the Gorge

In this episode, DWR Flaming Gorge Project Leader Ryan Mosley and Wyoming Game and Fish Department Regional Fisheries Biologist John Walrath talk all about the Blue-Ribbon rated, world-class fishing destination that is Flaming Gorge Reservoir. They talk about what types of fish species are found there, what the reservoir is known for, common misconceptions that anglers have and some upcoming management plans for the fishery.


Episode 55: The CWMU & LOA programs

In this episode, DWR Private Lands Public Wildlife Coordinator Chad Wilson dives into two unique programs in Utah that offer an important solution for some of the conflicts between wildlife and private lands: the Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit program and the Landowner Association program.


Episode 54: Virgin River Program

In this episode, DWR Southern Region Native Aquatics Biologist Melinda Bennion and Steve Meismer, the Virgin River Program Local Coordinator for the Washington County Water Conservancy District, talk about a unique and collaborative program that is helping six native fish and two bird species in the Virgin River Basin.


Episode 53: Let's talk moose

In this episode, DWR Once-In-A-Lifetime Species Coordinator Rusty Robinson and DWR Big Game Projects Coordinator Kent Hersey talk about the largest big game animal found in Utah: Moose! They share interesting moose facts, how we manage their populations and some important safety tips.


Episode 52: Researching cougars

In this episode, DWR Game Mammals Coordinator Darren DeBloois and Randy Larsen, a BYU Professor in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences, talk about mountain lions in Utah and the fascinating things we are learning about them through ongoing research studies.


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