Dedicated Hunters
Dedicated Hunters Dedicated Hunters
Volunteers at a service project

Dedicated Hunter Program

Greater opportunities to hunt and contribute to Utah's wildlife

Volunteers at a service project

The Dedicated Hunter Program is a service-based hunting program that allows participants to have more time to hunt deer (general season) each year. This program:

  • Promotes the overall hunting experience, rather than consistently taking an animal.
  • Provides hunters with opportunities to contribute their time to wildlife-related service projects.
  • Provides participants with additional education about wildlife management and ethics.

Dedicated hunters work on an important habitat rehabilitation project after a wildlife.

As a result of this program, many important projects for big game, upland game, fish and other wildlife are accomplished each year that, otherwise, could not be done.

Before you join
Dedicated Hunter participant guide
Accomplishments in 2024

Dedicated Hunters and other volunteers accomplish important projects year-round. The following numbers show the current totals for the year 2024.

Total projects offered Projects completed Volunteers Dedicated Hunter
service hours completed
Other volunteer
service hours completed

Want to learn more? Listen to the DWR "Wild" podcast!

DWR Dedicated Hunter and Walk-in Access Coordinator Bryan Christensen talks about Utah's Dedicated Hunter Program: what it is, how it works, why it is a win-win for wildlife conservation and avid hunters, and how to get involved. Note: Since this interview was recorded, there have been several administrative changes to the Dedicated Hunter program and enrollment process, and as of July 2023, the buyout time for one hour is now $40.