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How to join the program

STEP 1: Submit an online application

To join the program, submit an online application for Dedicated Hunter within the annual Big Game permit drawing application, which is typically late March and April each year.

Selecting a hunt choice

Within the application, you'll have the option to select the general season unit that you'd like to hunt. There are no Limited-entry areas available to Dedicated Hunters.

The online application will allow you to apply for up to five different units. You'll only draw one unit, and won't be able to switch to a different unit during the program — only select a unit you want for the entire three-year period.

Group applications

If you decide to select more than one hunt unit choice, applying as a group is the only way to ensure that you, and your hunting companions draw the same unit. The application will allow up to four hunters to apply together in a group.

Know the rules

In the Application process, you'll check a box to verify that you understand all of the rules regarding the hunts you're applying for. You'll need to review Administrative Rule R657-38 before applying.

STEP 2: Be successful in the drawing

There are limited spaces open each year to join the program. Depending on the unit you apply for, it might take more than one year to draw. Drawing results are typically available by the end of May.

If your drawing result is unsuccessful, you'll receive a Dedicated Hunter preference point. This point improves your odds of joining the program in a future drawing. Read more about preference points.

If you are successful in the drawing, you'll be enrolled in the program and charged one of the following (non-refundable) fees:

  Adult Youth (12–17) Lifetime License Holder
Resident $195 $120 $75
Non-resident $1,047 $841 $75

The program fee is nonrefundable except as provided by Utah Administrative Rule R657-42. This fee includes your Certificate of Registration (program fee) and your deer permit fees for all three years.

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