Hunting in Utah

Utah has some of the best hunting in the country. This site contains information about the many species you can hunt and links to information about regulations and species management. Listed below are some of the most frequently requested hunting pages.

Buy a hunting license

Apply for a hunting license

Hunter Education

Learn safety skills and hunting techniques. Completing a hunter education course is required to obtain Utah hunting licenses for those born after 1965.

Hunting maps

Familiarize yourselves with the areas you plan to hunt.

Reporting poachers

Walk-In Access

The Walk-In Access program enables the public to hunt and fish on those private lands where the DWR has made arrangements with property owners.

Dedicated Hunter Program

This is a service-based hunting program that allows participants to have more time to hunt deer each year.

Utah shooting ranges

Utah Hunting and Fishing App

Access Utah hunting and fishing information from your iPhone or Android mobile device.


Hunter Education
» Hunter Education
Lee Kay and Cache Valley Shooting Centers
» Shooting centers
Wildlife Blog
» Wildlife Blog
Utah wildlife photos
» Utah wildlife photos
Report poachers - 1-800-662-3337
» Report poachers
Wildlife dates
» Important dates
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