Hunting in Utah
Hunting Hunting
A youth pheasant hunt

Hunting in Utah

Utah has some of the best hunting in the country, with a variety of species and opportunities available. Keep reading for more information about the species you can hunt, as well as the rules, requirements and essentials for each hunt.

Learn to hunt safely

Before you can get a Utah hunting license, you need to complete a basic hunter education course or enroll in Utah's Trial Hunting Program. This is a necessary step for learning how to hunt safely and ethically.

Know the laws

Utah's hunting guidebooks are free and provide an essential summary of the latest rules and regulations. You can find them online, in DWR offices and at many retail locations. The laws may change from year to year, so review the guidebook carefully when planning your hunt!

Bull elk under a tree in a forest, surrounded by fall leaves
Select a species

Utah has a variety of species you can hunt — everything from deer and elk to wild turkeys and tundra swans. Whether you want to go after big game, upland game, waterfowl or even a cougar or black bear, check the applicable hunting guidebook for details about basic requirements, harvest limits and field regulations.

Buy a license

Before you can hunt in Utah, you have to have either a hunting or combination license. (A combination license allows you to hunt and fish!) It's easy to buy your license online, at a DWR office or from one of our retail partners. You can also purchase one over the phone. And remember that you can store your license on the Utah Hunting and Fishing App!

Obtain a permit

Hunts for certain species also require you to have a separate permit in addition to your license. Depending on the type of permit you want, you'll either need to buy it online or apply for it in a hunt drawing. This helpful FAQ and in-depth blog post provide answers to common questions about Utah's permits and hunt drawings.

Plan your hunt

Before you apply for a hunting permit or head out on your hunt, you should do some planning and research. Visit the Utah Hunt Planner for an in-depth look at hunt boundaries, hunting dates and other key information about Utah's hunting units. This insightful blog post explains how to best use the Hunt Planner as you prepare to go afield.

Practice shooting

Learning to shoot accurately should be a high priority for a hunter before you head out into the field. You can practice with your rifle, shotgun or bow at the DWR's two shooting ranges: the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range and the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range. There are also a variety of other public and private ranges across the state.

Attend a hunting event

Throughout the year, the DWR holds multiple hunting seminars and other events focused on hunting. There are even special hunts for youth or beginners, usually held in the fall. See a full list of these events and sign up today.

Report your harvest

All big game species have mandatory reporting requirements — even if you didn't harvest an animal. Report your harvest online or call 800-221-0659. Your harvest information provides insights into Utah's hunts and wildlife populations over time.

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