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These guidebooks contain the information you must know to hunt or fish in Utah. We highly recommend that you either download electronic versions or pick up printed copies. We distribute free printed guidebooks at Division offices and licensing agents.

Utah Fishing Guidebook cover

Fishing Guidebook

The Utah Fishing Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern fishing in Utah.

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Page 58: The bullhead and channel catfish images have been switched so they are now with the correct species name and description.

Big Game Application Guidebook cover

Big Game Application Guidebook

The Utah Big Game Application Guidebook provides information and instructions hunters need to know to apply for bucks, bulls and once-in-a-lifetime hunts.

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Page 57: We have removed the Book Cliffs, Wild Horse Bench bison hunt (hunt #BI6526, with season dates of Aug. 2, 2021–Jan. 31, 2022) from the guidebook because the hunt was closed in an emergency change on April 21, 2021. Bison behavior has changed due to drought conditions, and because of the ongoing drought, we are not confident that there will be bison on the unit during this year's hunt. Therefore, this hunt has been closed for the 2021–22 season. We will be emailing everyone who applied for this hunt and asking them to select an alternate hunt choice. If you have not received an email by Monday, April 26, please call 801-538-4700.

Page 59: We have corrected dates for multiple mountain goat hunts that were listed incorrectly in the printed guidebook. See the online guidebook for the correct dates for the following hunts:

  • Central Mtns, Nebo (archery)
  • Central Mtns, Nebo
  • Chalk Creek/Kamas, Uintas
  • Mt Dutton
  • North Slope/South Slope, High Uintas Central (archery)
  • North Slope/South Slope, High Uintas Leidy Peak
  • North Slope/South Slope, High Uintas West
  • Wasatch Mtns, Provo Peak
  • Wasatch Mtns, Timpanogos

Page 59: We have corrected the name for hunt #RS6708 to North Slope, Three Corners. The hunt name listed in the printed guidebook is incorrect.

Page 63: We have added two CWMU buck deer hunts that were inadvertently not listed in the printed guidebook:

  • Mt Carmel, Hunt #DB1266, Kane County, 2 public permits
  • Oak Ranch, Hunt #DB1271, Sevier County, 3 public permits

Page 66: There were two changes to the CWMU any bull elk hunts listed on this page. One hunt has been added and one hunt has been removed:

  • Added — Jacob's Creek, Hunt #EB3530, Davis/Morgan counties, 2 public permits
  • Removed — Mountain Top, Hunt #EB3539, Morgan/Summit counties, 3 public permits

Page 67: To reflect changes passed by the Utah Wildlife Board during its meeting on April 29, 2021, we have updated the permit quotas for the following CWMU hunts:

  • EB3563 Weber Florence Creek: 8 public permits
  • PB5327 Cottonwood Ridge: 4 public permits
Utah Big Game Field Regulations cover

Big Game Field Regulations Guidebook

The Big Game Field Regulations Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern big game hunting in Utah.

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Antlerless application

Antlerless Applications

Are you interested in hunting an antlerless big game animal during the 2020 season? Here's the information you'll need in order to apply for a permit.


Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook cover

Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook

The Utah Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern upland game and turkey hunting in Utah.

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Page 41: Updated the "Notes" section of the sandhill crane (East Box Elder County) hunt to state that Harold Crane, Public Shooting Grounds and Salt Creek WMAs are closed to sandhill crane hunting, except during open waterfowl hunting seasons. The printed guidebook is missing the phrase, "except during open waterfowl hunting seasons."

Waterfowl cover

Waterfowl Guidebook

The Utah Waterfowl Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern waterfowl hunting in Utah.

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Page 28: Added unit 9 to the bullet about airboat use at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. That bullet now states, "Airboats are only permitted in the posted open areas of units 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and the C blocks."

Page 36: Updated the shooting hours table to correct an error on Oct. 30–31 for scaup in the northern zone. The scaup season in the northern zone is open on Oct. 30–31, 2020.

Black bear cover

Black Bear Guidebook

The Black Bear Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern black bear hunting in Utah.

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Cougar Hunting Guidebook cover

Cougar Guidebook

The Utah Cougar Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern hunting and pursuing cougars in Utah.

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Furbearer Guidebook cover

Furbearer Guidebook

Taking, possessing, selling and purchasing furbearing animals, including bobcats and martens.

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DWR administrative rule governing falconry in Utah

View rule R657-20

Collection, Importation & Possession of Amphibians & Reptiles

More information

Collection, Importation, Transportation & Possession of Animals

View rule R657-3

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