Walk-in Access properties
Walk-in Access Walk-in Access
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Walk-in Access properties

Providing public hunting and fishing access to private land

A Walk-in Access (WIA) property is an area of private land on which the Division of Wildlife Resources has leased certain hunting, trapping or fishing privileges.

This program creates a partnership with private landowners who are willing to open their lands for public use.

Read DWR Administrative Rule R657-56 for additional details.

In most cases access to WIA properties is limited to foot traffic only, unless the landowner specifically designates roads for vehicle or travel.

Who can use walk-in access properties?

The WIA properties are available to any person who has obtained the annual Walk-in Access authorization number and is accessing the property for the permitted activities for the property.

What is allowed on WIA properties?

Each property has a unique lease agreement describing which activities are allowed on the property by public hunters and anglers.

Because the DWR only leases the privileges to hunt, trap, or fish on a Walk-in Access property, any other purpose for entering the property, such as: recreational hiking, camping, wildlife watching/photography, bicycling, trail running, tubing, swimming, etc. may be considered unlawful trespassing without permission of the landowner.

View the map of properties and see what is allowed:

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