What the DWR does
Three mule deer, huddled together in a field, staring at the camera Three mule deer, huddled together in a field, staring at the camera
Three deer standing in a snow-covered field

What the DWR does to help Utah's deer

Find out more about mule deer and what the DWR is doing to help them.

Multi-year, multi-pronged efforts are top priorities for the Division of Wildlife Resources. — Read more.

Three deer

Carbon County mule deer

  • Restoring mule deer habitat: Watershed Restoration Initiative tackles top problem facing deer herds.
  • Mule deer research is underway in Utah: The DWR has started, or is in the process of starting, several mule-deer related research projects across Utah.
  • The effects of predators on mule deer herds: If there's one word that can get a deer hunter's blood boiling, it's this one — predators. But are hunters focusing their frustration on the right target?
  • Three deer standing in a snow-covered field

    Carbon County mule deer

  • Supplemental winter feeding of deer: During severe winter weather, the public is understandably concerned about deer. Read more about why winter feeding isn't always the most appropriate solution.
  • Learn about mule deer habitat: Good, sustainable habitat is key to the long-term health of Utah's deer herds. Find out what type of habitat and shelter mule deer need to survive.
  • Restoring Utah mule deer habitat: Utah leads the West in habitat restoration. Spearheaded by the DWR, the Watershed Restoration Initiative is a unique partnership working toward healthy wildlife habitat.
  • Threats to mule deer herds: Weather, urbanization, invasive plants, predators, wildfires and unmanaged grazing all affect the health of Utah's deer herds.
  • Minimizing browsing damage from deer: As Utah's housing developments expand, deer find new human neighbors in their backyards who might not like them nibbling on their tulips and fruit trees. Find out what you can do to get along with the deer in your yard.
  • Disease issues in Utah deer: The division closely monitors Utah's deer herds to check for chronic wasting disease. If you've stopped at a checking station, you've likely had first-hand experience with these efforts.

Mule deer management plans

The Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA)

Utah's Watershed Restoration Initiative

Deer-related Wildlife Board meetings

You can watch Utah Wildlife Board meetings about deer hunting (typically April or May and December).

A program to control coyotes and other predators

Antler gathering ethics course

  • From Feb. 1 to April 15, shed antler and horn gathers must possess an antler-gathering certificate. To obtain this certificate, take this online ethics course. You may print the certificate at the end of the course.
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