Upland game & turkey
Upland game Upland game
Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook

Upland game & turkey

Hunting upland game species in Utah

Upland Game Guidebook

Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook

The Utah DWR Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern upland game and turkey hunting in Utah. The guidebook is designed to be a quick reference for upland game and turkey hunting regulations. You can use the references in the guidebook to search for the detailed statute or rule.

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Page 32: The "Changes to trail camera and night-vision device rules" informational box was updated to include the full Utah code and administrative rules citations that now apply: Utah code § 23A-5-307 and Utah Admin. Rules R657-5-7, R657-33-9 and R657-10-9.

The digital edition of this guidebook has been updated with these changes.

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