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Crispy oven-fried catfish nuggets

Plate of crispy oven-fried catfish nuggets with cooked vegetables and tartar sauce While deep frying catfish is one of the most popular ways to prepare it, the process itself can be messy. By using your oven or air fryer, you can get similarly tasty results without the grease splatters and lingering aromas of traditional frying methods.

Smoked trout rillettes

Smoked trout rillettes served with a piece of radish on a cracker Often made with wild game, pork or duck, rillettes (pronounced "ree-yet") may sound fancy, but they're essentially a butter- or fat-based spread similar to pâté.

Elk pastrami

Elk pastrami on bread with sauerkraut and sauce This elk recipe was shared in a wild game cooking seminar in 2022, and was one of the attendees' favorites.

Pan-fried elk liver & onions

Pan-fried elk liver sprinkled with onions on a plate Here's a twist on the classic liver dish. Unlike what some of you may have experienced before, the best liver recipes are cooked medium well, which preserves the flavor and consistency of the liver.

Elk and mushroom cottage pie

Spoonful of freshly cooked elk and mushroom cottage pie in a pot I make extra mashed potatoes just so I have enough leftovers on hand to make this family favorite one-pot meal. A cottage pie can be made with beef, venison or in this case, ground elk.
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