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Download the free DWR Hunting & Fishing app

Utah Hunting & Fishing App

Download the DWR's official free mobile app for iOS and Android.

Download the free DWR Hunting & Fishing app

For Android & iOS devices.

  • Download your license: Store your fishing, hunting or combination license on your mobile device. Quickly view information about your licenses or permits.
  • Download select permits: Store the season dates and other details about big game, small game and other permits. If your permit contains a tag to attach to an animal after harvest, you will still need to carry the paper permit with you in the field and follow all tagging regulations.
  • Download hunting and fishing guidebooks: The app makes it easy to download, read, search and navigate Utah's hunting and fishing guidebooks. In the hunting or fishing sections of the app, tap "Download Guidebooks." There will be two tabs at the top of the screen: "Saved Guidebooks" and "Available Guidebooks." Once downloaded, the guidebooks of your choice will appear in the "Saved Guidebook" section. Make sure to update your app to get the most up-to-date guidebook editions.
  • Learn about upcoming events: Learn about upcoming wildlife viewing events, hunting season dates, drawing application dates and public meetings.
  • View a map of your hunting unit: After you download the details from your permit, you can see your hunt boundary maps and read the legal boundary descriptions.
  • Shooting hours: View the legal hunting hours for any date on the calendar.
  • Fish identification guide: See detailed illustrations and descriptions — including fishing records — about Utah's fish species.
  • Upland game and waterfowl identification guide: See detailed illustrations and descriptions about Utah's upland game and waterfowl species.
  • The app also includes links to:
    • Buy a license
    • View your hunt drawing history and drawing results
    • Report a poacher
    • Find a Walk-in Access area

Download the app

The app is free and available for Android and Apple devices.

Download the iOS version from the Apple App Store
Download the Android version from the Google Play Store

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