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Highway wildlife crossings

The State of Utah has done some remarkable work in addressing wildlife needs along Utah's roadways, especially during the past decade. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is working alongside the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to identify critical hotspots throughout the state where wildlife mitigation features are needed.

Big game archery hunting: worth a shot

I remember during summer break in high school, my friends excitedly talking about the upcoming archery deer hunt. They made it sound like a special event and it piqued my interest. They were kind enough to invite me along on their hunt, help me learn how to shoot a bow and teach me the many facets of archery.

Pelicans at Strawberry Reservoir: what do they eat?

Anglers spend 1.5 million hours a year on Strawberry Reservoir, one of Utah's most popular fishing spots. Anglers are not the only ones attracted by the fish; the reservoir has become a favorite fishing spot for American white pelicans. In the spring, flocks of up to 500 birds can be seen gathering at the reservoir's tributaries.

Middle Fork Sheep Creek: a success story in the making

As a cutthroat trout biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), a big part of my job is balancing conservation of our native trout species with providing an excellent sport fishery for our anglers.

Grabbing geese from airboats

Our airboat pilot spied a goose and swerved, accelerating over the water towards the lone bird. As we approached, the goose honked in surprise – or possibly avian outrage – and slipped underwater in an attempt to escape. Leaning over the bow of the airboat, I was able to pluck the bird from the water. He joined his fellow geese in a wooden containment crate strapped to the boat.

What's with the wipers?

Wipers are a sterile cross between striped bass and white bass and were first introduced to Utah in the early 1990s. The current state record is more than 11 pounds and was caught in New Castle Reservoir in 2015. Besides being fun to catch and great to eat, wipers have become an important management tool for the DWR.

Nest boxes boost duck population

Wood ducks are one of only a few waterfowl species that nest above ground in tree cavities. Wood ducks are very common in the eastern half of the county, but because Utah has limited woodland habitat near wetlands, they are considered uncommon in our state.

Small stream cutthroat trout

I enjoy pictures of big fish and hearing tales about catching big fish in places like Alaska, Montana and even Utah's renowned Blue Ribbon trout waters. But one thing that thrills me as much as anything is cutthroat trout in their native streams, most of which happen to be small (both the streams and the trout).

Fishing for a feast

What are panfish? They are certain species of fish popular among anglers for their mild flavor and white flaky texture. They are easy to catch and fit conveniently in a frying pan!

Stocking sterile walleye

When we first shared news that we planned to stock sterile walleye into Red Fleet Reservoir, we got some confused looks. Most were wondering a couple things: 1) Why would you want to make walleye sterile? 2) How do you make walleye sterile? I’m hoping to help answer these questions in this post.
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