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A little owl makes a big journey

Burrowing owls are a bit unique as far as Utah owls are concerned. Prairie dog burrows are their favorite nesting sites in southeastern Utah. Scorpions, beetles and pocket mice are typical fare, but after the young are raised and cold weather makes food scarce, they head south. But where?

Backyard beauties

Viewing widlife, particularly mountain goats, often requires a long drive. However, this is not the case today! For the past few weeks, between 13 and 18 mountain goats have been hanging out near Ogden City limits on the cliffs between Taylor Canyon and the cliffs directly east of the 22nd Street trailhead parking lot.

Eight New Year's resolutions for anglers

Christmas is behind us and we're looking ahead to 2015. We thought of some resolutions for the fishermen and women in Utah.

Hunting ethics

I may have an unfair advantage when it comes to hunting pheasants since I was born and raised in Kansas. Kansas has one of the most liberal bag limits of any state when it comes to roosters with four per day and 16 in possession.

Finding my bliss

Variety is the spice of life. This common idiom is especially true when talking about upland game hunting in Utah. Back in September, I wrote a blog about the upland game slam program and accomplishing my first slam (First Fur or Feather)

The Twitchell Canyon Fire

In late July 2010, the North American monsoon had reached southern Utah. Further south in Arizona and New Mexico, the dependable summer rainy season provides welcome relief from hot, dry weather. In Utah at the edge of the monsoon, the moisture is less predictable, and rain from weak storms often evaporates before it touches the earth.

Seven spooky species found in Utah

Utah has incredible wildlife, but some animals are not as highly esteemed as others. In fact, some are considered bad omens. In honor of Halloween, I've compiled a list of seven Utah species with scary reputations.

Wings beat and roosters flew

Running the Walk-In Access Program for the Division has allowed me the opportunity to deliver and release pheasants each week of the hunt. Some days I spend as many as 15 hours in my truck, driving from the grower to the release sites.

That's deer meat?

There's an old joke told at game-checking stations every year about how to make deer meat taste like beef. It goes something like this: If you kill a prime grain-fed steer, gut it and drag it back to camp behind a four-wheeler, leave it laying out in the dirt and sun for a couple days for your buddies to admire, and then take it down to the butcher shop for processing, when you get it back, it will taste a lot like deer meat!

White-nose syndrome: a disease of bats

Strange things began to happen in caves in New York State late in the winter of 2007. Scientists found bats clustered near cave mouths, flying around the snow-covered landscape during daylight, and lying dead within caves and outside on the snow in large numbers.
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