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DWR proposes changes to trail camera use and some fishing regulations

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is proposing some changes to the use of trail cameras and other technology used in hunting and a few changes to fishing regulations, as well as some additional items, and is seeking the public's feedback.

DWR proposing to treat Navajo Lake in October in an effort to reset the fishery

In an effort to restore the trout fishery at Navajo Lake — and rid the waterbody of its overwhelming Utah chub population — the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is considering a rotenone treatment later this fall. Before that fishery reset occurs, the DWR wants to meet with the public, explain the treatment process and answer questions about the proposed project.

Huge 7,200-square-foot water guzzler, other ongoing efforts to help bring drought relief to wildlife and livestock in the Book Cliffs

The Book Cliffs is a well-known hunting area in northeastern Utah. In recent years, though, deer, livestock and other animals in the area have struggled due to ongoing drought conditions limiting water sources and habitat, which provides shelter and feed. A group that comprises Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists and several state and federal agencies, conservation groups, universities and landowners has been working to address those issues.

Justin Shirley named new DWR Director

Utah Department of Natural Resources Director Brian Steed named Justin ("J") Shirley as the new director for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, effective Saturday, Aug. 21.

New native snail species discovered in northeastern Utah

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists recently made an exciting discovery during some surveys in the northeastern part of the state — they discovered a new native snail species that has never before been found in Utah.

See monarch butterflies up close at unique DWR event

The public is invited to attend an upcoming event that will help biologists learn more about the distribution and migration of monarch butterflies — and it's a great opportunity for you to get a closer look at these beautiful insects.

How to prevent injuries and prepare for a safe, successful archery hunt

The general-season buck deer archery hunt and the general spike and any-bull elk archery hunts are the first big game hunts of Utah's fall season, and they all begin Saturday, Aug. 21. If you will be archery hunting this fall, there are several ways you can prepare for the hunt and stay safe while out in the field.

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