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See monarch butterflies up close at unique DWR event

The public is invited to attend an upcoming event that will help biologists learn more about the distribution and migration of monarch butterflies — and it's a great opportunity for you to get a closer look at these beautiful insects.

How to prevent injuries and prepare for a safe, successful archery hunt

The general-season buck deer archery hunt and the general spike and any-bull elk archery hunts are the first big game hunts of Utah's fall season, and they all begin Saturday, Aug. 21. If you will be archery hunting this fall, there are several ways you can prepare for the hunt and stay safe while out in the field.

How to take a hunter education class or enroll in the Trial Hunting Program in Utah

If you are interested in trying hunting for the first time this fall or winter, you'll need to look into either taking a hunter education class or participating in the Trial Hunting Program. If you've never taken hunter education, rest assured that it isn't too late; but don't put it off because classes fill up quickly!

See some of Utah's native reptiles and amphibians at unique DWR event

Summer is a great time to learn about wildlife species that have adapted to hot environments. Reptiles and amphibians are remarkable, often misunderstood creatures that thrive throughout Utah. If you want to learn more about these highly specialized species and see them up close, come to a first-of-its-kind Utah Division of Wildlife Resources event on Friday, Aug. 6.

2 great places to celebrate National Shooting Sports Month

August is National Shooting Sports Month, making it a great time to hit the shooting range. Whether you are a beginner who wants to shoot a bow or rifle for the first time or you're a seasoned hunter prepping for the fall hunts, the two Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shooting ranges offer something for everyone.

Fishing limits increased at more Utah waterbodies due to low water levels

In anticipation of continued low water levels due to extreme drought conditions across the state, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources issued more emergency changes to Utah's fishing regulations Wednesday. Those changes will allow anglers to catch and keep more fish at some additional waterbodies around the state.

12,147 boats inspected for quagga mussels during 24th of July weekend

Law enforcement officers and technicians for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and other agencies had a hot, busy weekend working to inspect and decontaminate boats across the state. This intensive effort focused on preventing the invasive quagga mussels in Lake Powell from spreading to other Utah waterbodies.

What to do if you find a bat in your house

Though most Utahns probably associate bats with fall and the Halloween season, you shouldn't be surprised if you find one in your home during the summer months. Utahns may see more bats this time of year because the baby bats (also called pups) are learning to fly and leaving their roosts for the first time. Here's what you should know about bats in Utah and what to do if you encounter them.

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