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What to do if a wild animal scratches or bites you or your pet

Due to some recent incidents with rabid wildlife, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the Utah Department of Health want to remind the public what to do if you or your pet have contact with a wild animal.

What hunters should know about Utah's 2021 waterfowl hunts

It's a quiet, still morning as you sit near the edge of a lake in your blind. You hear some birds in the distance and turn your head to see several ducks flying toward you. Your heartbeat quickens, and you slowly raise your shotgun. Waterfowl hunting season is finally here.

9,938 boats inspected for quagga mussels during Labor Day weekend

Law enforcement officers and technicians with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and other agencies had a busy weekend working to inspect and decontaminate boats across the state to prevent invasive quagga mussels in Lake Powell from spreading to other Utah waterbodies.

Utah Wildlife Board approves changes to 2021–22 cougar hunts, additional cow elk hunting permits due to drought-related habitat damage and depredation issues

The Utah Wildlife Board approved several changes to 2021–22 cougar and bobcat hunting seasons and also approved some additional cow elk hunting permits and a few other items during Thursday's public meeting. The board's goal in approving the additional elk permits was to decrease conflicts and damage occurring on agricultural properties and other habitat areas affected by Utah's severe drought conditions.

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