Volunteer positions at Lee Kay Public Shooting Center
Shooting ranges Shooting ranges
Hunter education course instructor and student

Some venues may have limited availability. Please contact us at 801-972-1326 for more information.

Volunteer position descriptions at Lee Kay Public Shooting Range

You may apply to be one of the following:

Range Safety Officer
  • Open/close ranges
  • Inform customers of proper way to carry uncased firearms (muzzle up, action open, and magazine out)
  • Greet customers and assign to ranges/benches
  • Ensure all customers are using hearing and eye protection at all times
  • Supervise customers — ensure all firearms are pointed in a safe direction at all times, ensure all rounds are impacting the berm, redirects customers that are shooting too high/too low
  • Assist in cease fires — "clear" firearms, use PA system for commands, remind customers to stay behind the black line, etc.
  • Police brass and keep walkways clear of obstructions and tripping hazards
  • Help management clear walkways during winter
  • Complete incident reports
  • Assist with emptying garbages and checking damaged target frames
  • Provide general information about our range and the classes, clinics, etc. that we offer
  • Provide customer service to patrons to the best of your ability — we do not perform any kind of gunsmithing on the ranges
Shotgun Safety Officer
  • Open/close trap, skeet, and 5-stand
  • Reload machines throughout shift and at the end of the day
  • Ensure all customers are using hearing and eye protection at all times
  • Assist in sweeping trap, skeet, and 5-stand houses and emptying garbages
  • Help management clear walkways during winter
  • Supervise customers — ensure all firearms are pointed in a safe direction at all times; ensure customers are only loading one round at a time while shooting trap; remain vigilant for correct sizes of shot being used, etc.
Customer Service Cashier
  • Process payment for use of ranges, targets, ear and eye protection, dog training area keys, etc.
  • Provide visitors with information regarding ranges, rules and policies, available classes (e.g., CCP, Hunter Education, NRA courses), dog training area, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Answer phone calls at front desk
  • Restock targets, guidebooks, pens, notepad paper, etc. Informs staff of any inventory needs at front desk
Maintenance Volunteer
  • Assist full-time maintenance staff on various projects depending on the needs of the facility and capabilities of the volunteer
  • Projects may include but are not limited to: building/transporting target frames, loading pallets at shotgun fields, reporting damages and repair needs to staff, etc.
  • Volunteers must consult full-time maintenance before starting any new/unapproved projects

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