Last modified: Monday, September 24, 2018

Fisheries Experiment Station

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Mission: To provide administrative, aquatic animal health, applied research and fish culture services to assist in achieving statewide Aquatics' Section goals and objectives.


Vision: To promote healthy aquatic ecosystems, species conservation and satisfying recreational opportunities throughout Utah by providing intra-agency services which utilize Fisheries Experiment Station expertise, current scientific knowledge and proven methodologies.

The Fisheries Experiment Station (FES) was established in the early 1960s in Logan Utah to provide technical improvements and extension support for the State of Utah fish culture program.

The State saw a need for quality assurance in fish production and disease control and subsequently built the Experimental Hatchery in 1961. The facility was later renamed the Fisheries Experiment Station and the responsibilities of the Station and involvement within the Aquatics Section continue to grow.

The duties of the Station have expanded over the years and now include fish health management and disease control, fisheries and aquatics related research and specialized fish culture of threatened and endangered species and native broodstock development.

The Station consists of a fish health laboratory, an isolated experimental testing facility, a research wet lab, an indoor warm water recirculation culture system and outdoor fish production and development units.