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Fish recirculation

Fish being raised for brood stock development

Rainbow trout: All of the state's brood stock has passed through the Fisheries Experiment Station quarantine. Here they are checked for possible diseases and only transferred to the Egan Hatchery brood station after multiple inspections. Currently we have two-year classes of Sand Creek strain of rainbow x Erwin strain of rainbow and 1 year class of the kamloop strain of rainbow on the station. The Sand Creek strain × Erwin strain is a new cross being evaluated to replace the Sand Creek rainbow brood stock at the Egan State Fish Hatchery. We received the Erwin milt from the Ennis National Fish Hatchery, in Ennis, Montana to fertilize the Sand Creek eggs received from the Egan Hatchery.

We received the kamloop eggs from the Murray Springs State Fish Hatchery, in Eureka, Montana. The kamloop will be transferred to either the Mammoth Creek or the Egan State Fish Hatcheries for future brood stock. The kamloop are to be stocked into Flaming Gorge Reservoir on an annual basis once the brood stock become mature. In January 2004, the Fisheries Experiment Station (now the Aquatic Animal Health and Research Center) transferred about 5000 kamloop to the Mammoth Creek State Fish Hatchery for future brood stock.

Species Year class Numbered Date to transfer
Sand Cr. x Erwin200315,000Feb. 2005
Sand Cr. x Erwin200415,000Feb. 2006
Kamloop200444,000Feb. 2005
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