Request for independent project support
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Dedicated Hunter volunteers doing service

Do you have a service project idea?

Volunteers, Dedicated Hunter Program participants, scouts and other groups often have specific wildlife-related projects they would like to see happen. The DWR supports beneficial wildlife and habitat projects from other state and federal agencies, conservation partners, other organizations and individuals. If you'd like additional support for your project, please complete the following form.

Before submitting your proposal:

  1. Discuss the project idea and obtain permission in writing from the landowner* or property manager (BLM, USDA, Forest Service, SITLA, etc.)
  2. Identify how the project will benefit wildlife, or public access to wildlife.
  3. Determine when the best timeframe would be for the project and how that project could allow other public volunteers to assist.

* Independant proposals which appear to have a primary benefit for a private landowner or individual, and not to the general public, are unlikely to be approved for DWR Dedicated Hunter Program service credit.