DH conservation and ethics course
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Conservation and ethics course

This online Wildlife Conservation and Ethics course is an educational requirement of the Dedicated Hunter Program. It's also open to anyone else who would like to learn more about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, general wildlife management principles, the public-rule process and wildlife ethics.


If you are a Dedicated Hunter, please note that you can only receive credit for taking this course if you complete it after you begin your 3-year term in the Dedicated Hunter Program.

  1. After you receive your drawing results, simply click the Begin the course button below, read the test information and answer the questions.
  2. If you answer questions incorrectly, you will have an opportunity at the end of the course to answer the questions again. You must pass this test with a score of 100 percent.
  3. After completing the course, enter your customer ID number* to ensure that you receive credit for passing the course.
  4. We will then issue you an electronic certificate of completion. Save a copy of this certificate for your records.

If you have questions about the course, please contact us.

* This number is on your hunting license and is also the number you used to apply for the Dedicated Hunter program.