Dates and reminders
Dedicated Hunters Dedicated Hunters
Large group of dedicated hunters participating in a service project

General deadlines for Dedicated Hunters

Final dates will be approved by the Utah Wildlife Board at the annual December meeting

  • Late March to April: Apply for the Dedicated Hunter Program in the big game application
  • April: Deadline to apply for a big game bonus point, a big game preference point or a Dedicated Hunter preference point
  • Late May: Obtain drawing results
  • July: Permits are automatically mailed to Dedicated Hunters who have completed their requirements
  • Mid-August: Archery season opens
  • Late September: Muzzleloader season opens
  • Late October: Rifle season opens
  • December through January: Complete the mandatory harvest survey report

For exact dates, see the current big game guidebooks.

Service dates and reminders
  • Although projects may occur at any time of the year, the majority are between April and late-June.
  • Your permit cannot be printed until your annual minimum requirements have been met and recorded. Please finish your service projects at least two weeks prior to the day you need your permit. This will allow time for your service to be entered into the system, and your permit to be printed and mailed.
  • Occasionally, Dedicated Hunters pass up on projects, hoping something more convenient will be available later. This can end up resulting in no service being completed by the time hunting season arrives. If you see a project you can do, signing up for it is the safest way to ensure you will get your permit.
  • Please only sign up for a project you plan to attend. A lot of work goes into setting up these projects, and many are not able to be carried out if the registered volunteers do not show up. If there is a situation where you cannot attend a project you've signed up for, please unregister and contact your project leader in advance.