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Great Salt Lake sees record season of raw pounds of brine shrimp cysts harvested

The Great Salt Lake is known for its incredibly high salinity levels that allow people to float, but many may not be aware of its multi-million dollar brine shrimp industry and how the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources manages it to help balance a unique ecosystem.

3 Utah waters with amazing scenery and great fishing in February

A great way to get outdoors is embarking on an afternoon or a weekend of ice fishing. Here are three spots that offer great fishing in February as well as incredible views to help you forget the cold temperatures.

DWR reintroduces bighorn sheep to Antelope Island

Before you head outdoors to collect shed antlers from deer, elk and moose each winter, you are required to complete the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources' Antler Gathering Ethics course.

Rare black deer in Moab area died of chronic wasting disease

Recent test results have confirmed that a unique black deer that became well-known and loved by Moab residents died of chronic wasting disease, a relatively rare, but fatal transmissible disease that affects the nervous systems of deer, elk and moose.

4 great waters to ice fish in northern Utah this winter

If you're itching to get on the ice in northern Utah, these tips for catching rainbow trout, yellow perch and bluegill should help you, no matter where you go fishing.

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