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Still a chance to hunt cougars

If you don't obtain a limited-entry cougar hunting permit this year, no problem — you can still hunt cougars in Utah. Permits to hunt on harvest-objective units go on sale Nov. 6, 2014.

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Utah's most prized big game permits

You can apply for next year's most prized Utah big game hunting permits — 2015 sportsman permits — starting Oct. 28. Only Utah residents can apply for sportsman permits.

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Recommended hunt changes for 2015

New opportunities might await deer and elk hunters in Utah in 2015. You can see all of the changes Division of Wildlife Resources biologists are recommending for the 2015 big game hunts on our website.

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Bucks brought through check stations

If you have a Utah rifle buck deer permit, but you haven't taken a buck yet, don't give up. Based on the number of deer that were brought through Division of Wildlife Resources check stations during the opening weekend of the hunt, the number of bucks in Utah is similar to, or higher, than it was last fall.

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Scaled quail released in Utah

Forty quail in southeastern Utah recently welcomed 200 new friends. On Oct. 3 and Oct. 8, biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) released 200 scaled quail in San Juan County.

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DWR to release 11,000 pheasants

If it's been years since you hunted pheasants, it's time to grab your gun and head afield. More than 11,000 pheasants will be released on 56 public hunting areas during Utah's upcoming pheasant hunt. The hunt opens on Nov. 1. But you don't have to hunt that day to get in on the action — pheasants will be released before each weekend of the hunt (except Thanksgiving).

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DWR to hold administrative checkpoint

On September 1, 2014, concerned citizens reported two dead fawn deer to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. An investigation at the scene revealed that both fawns had been shot and left to waste.

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Get close to mule deer, Nov. 1

November is the perfect time for wildlife watchers and photographers to get close to mule deer without spooking them. Instead of worrying about humans, mule deer bucks spend their energy breeding or fighting other males. To take advantage of this time of year, Division of Wildlife Resources personnel will host a free Mule Deer Watch on Nov. 1.

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Number of bucks as good as last fall

As the start of Utah's most popular hunt — the rifle buck deer hunt — draws closer, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources have good news to share: in almost every area of the state, the number of buck deer will be similar to, or better, than it was last fall.

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Collect bands and coins while hunting

If you enjoy hunting waterfowl or upland game in Utah, you can add something fun to your hunt while helping the birds and animals you pursue. This fall, the Division of Wildlife Resources is offering seven Waterfowl Slams and seven Upland Game Slams.

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