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See hunting dogs in action, learn how to shoot

If learning how to shoot a bow and arrow or a shotgun sounds like fun — but you don't have much experience shooting — come to the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range on Aug. 4.

Prepare now for Utah's archery hunts

It's time to prepare for Utah's archery elk and deer hunts. Both hunts start Aug. 18. That day might sound like it's a long way off. But if you want to have a fun and successful hunt, you need to start preparing now.

Apply for bird hunting permits

Qualifying to hunt most game bird species in Utah is simple: buy a combination or small game license, and head afield.

Summer is the perfect time to fish Utah's high country

In addition to celebrating the birth of our country, many Utahns will be looking to escape the heat and wet a fishing line over the July 4 holiday. Fishing can be a great family activity and a perfect way to relax over the holiday. And Utah provides several great options. Randy Oplinger suggests the following as great ways to make this July 4 holiday one of your best yet:

Three boats infested with mussels

In just eight days, three boats — infested with quagga mussels — almost launched on water bodies in northern Utah. Fortunately, skilled technicians with the Division of Wildlife Resources and Utah State Parks found the mussels before the boats were able to launch.

Rattlesnake safety tips

Rattlesnakes often strike fear in the hearts of people. But they shouldn't. Knowing a little about the animal, and doing a few simple things — like keeping your distance and not harassing a snake — can go a long way to keeping you safe.

See cutthroat trout at Strawberry

You don't have to be an angler to get a close look at cutthroat trout at Strawberry Reservoir. Right now, many of the reservoir's cutthroat trout are migrating out of the reservoir and up the Strawberry River to spawn.

Anglers saving fish at Steinaker

This summer and fall, Steinaker Reservoir north of Vernal will be reduced to a 'mud puddle' as important repairs are made to its dam. Any fish not caught and removed from the reservoir will likely be lost. To try to save as many bluegill as possible, the Division of Wildlife Resources needs your help. On June 7, 8 and 10, a bluegill 'salvage' event will be held.

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