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See migrating loons at upcoming DWR viewing event

An almost mythical bird — built for diving and sporting a haunting voice — stops in northeastern Utah during its spring migration, and April is a great time to see them.

Brine shrimp officially named Utah's state crustacean

The brine shrimp has officially joined the ranks of Utah state symbols after Gov. Spencer Cox signed H.B. 137 on March 17, 2023, formally designating the brine shrimp as the state crustacean.

Want the chance to hunt big game in Utah this fall? The application period opens March 23

While the application period for Utah's big game hunts opened in January in previous years, the application period has shifted to March and April this year — and going forward — so hunters can see the proposed permit numbers prior to applying. If you're interested in getting your own locally harvested deer or elk meat this fall, be sure to take note of the important dates in the upcoming application period.

3 waterbodies where Utah anglers should target, remove specific fish

In an effort to help other fish species and to collect data from tagged fish to help with management decisions, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is asking anglers to target and remove specific fish species in three waterbodies across Utah.

Where to see wild swans migrating through Utah in March

If you want to see migrating wild swans this time of year, two spots in northern Utah are great places to see these magnificent birds as they wing their way through the state in March.

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