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Get a free waterfowl guidebook

It's hot outside, but a chance to scan through Utah's latest waterfowl guidebook is a sure sign fall can't be too far away.

Get a bull elk hunting permit

If you want to hunt bull elk in Utah this fall, it's easy to get a permit to hunt during the general season. Just visit this website, a Division of Wildlife Resources office or your nearest Utah hunting license agent, and buy one.

Tips for a safe archery hunt

RaLynne Takeda, assistant Hunter Education coordinator for the DWR, says archery hunting doesn't involve firearms, but it does present two unique risks. "Every year," she says, "we receive reports of hunters falling from trees or jabbing themselves or other hunters while carrying arrows in their hands."

Find water, find the deer

If you have a permit to hunt during the general archery buck deer hunt, finding water should be your primary goal.

August 2018 is National Shooting Sports Month

If you have a new rifle, handgun, muzzleloader, shotgun or bow, and you want to try it out on some of the best shooting ranges in Utah, check out this offer from the Division of Wildlife Resources.

Pneumonia detected in Zion bighorn

If you see coughing bighorn sheep during your visit to Zion National Park, please let the park biologists know.

Don't wait until it's too late

If you want to hunt in Utah this fall — but you haven't completed the state's Hunter Education course — there's still time. Don't wait too long, though. Classes fill up fast in the fall.

Get a free upland game guidebook

As Utah swelters under the summer sun, a cool reminder that fall isn't that far away is waiting for you online. You can also get a printed copy of the 2018–2019 Upland Game Guidebook at your nearest Utah hunting license agent location or Division of Wildlife Resources office.

See mountain goats in unique terrain

You could see as many as 100 mountain goats on Aug. 11, 2018. And you might not need binoculars to see them. At some past viewing events, goats have gotten as close as 35 feet to those viewing them.

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