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Found a baby bird on the ground? Here's what to do

It's a beautiful spring day so you decide to go for a nice walk around your neighborhood. You are strolling along the sidewalk when suddenly you hear loud chirping near your feet. You look over and see a baby bird lying on the ground near a tree trunk. What should you do?

DWR closes East Fork Little Bear WMA to camping

The East Fork Little Bear Wildlife Management Area is located just west of Porcupine Reservoir along East Canyon Road in Paradise. The land in Cache County was not originally acquired as a public camping spot. However, the DWR decided to allow camping on the property, hoping campers would respect the area and take good care of it. Most have, but over the years, enough campers have marred the wildlife management area to a point that the DWR has decided to close it to camping.

DWR again making proactive fish stocking changes to minimize drought impacts

With almost half of Utah still experiencing extreme drought conditions and with Gov. Spencer Cox's recent drought emergency order, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has again implemented proactive measures to help minimize drought impacts to Utah's fisheries.

In honor of Earth Day: 5 easy ways you can help wildlife

Utah is home to many wildlife species and spectacular landscapes. Friday is Earth Day, making it a great time to reflect on the ways we can help restore and preserve nature, including wildlife.

3 Utah bird-watching events to check out this spring

Spring is here, which means wildlife migrations are in full swing. Bird-watching is a great opportunity to get outdoors and see a wide variety of wildlife — and enjoy the fun challenge of trying to identify them!

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