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Bear conflicts may increase during drought years; here's how to stay safe

Black bears are the only species of bear in Utah, and they live and roam across much of the state. The likelihood of conflicts with bears often increases during drought years when a bear's normal food supply is decreased, leading them to seek alternate food sources.

Where to go fishing this spring for family-friendly opportunities or to catch large fish

If you want a fun outdoor option for your holiday activities, there are several potential destinations. Utah offers lots of different fishing opportunities and experiences for those who want to fish with their families or those who want to target large fish — and conditions are particularly good around Memorial Day.

Tips to keep you safe if you encounter a cougar in Utah

Cougars, mountain lions, pumas: They have several different names, but these elusive predators can be found throughout Utah. While cougar attacks are quite rare in the U.S., there is always the chance you may see a cougar on your doorbell camera footage or while you are out hiking this summer. If you do happen to encounter a cougar, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

How to help pollinators this spring

Pollinators in Utah face extreme changing conditions, and some are increasingly at risk due to declining populations.

DWR recommends changes for 2022 upland game, turkey hunts

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is recommending a few changes to turkey hunting and upland game hunting in Utah, as well as some other proposals, and is seeking the public's feedback on the recommendations.

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