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What hunters should know for the 2023 Utah spring turkey hunts

Utah's spring general-season turkey hunts are about to get underway, and if you like the idea of harvesting your own delicious bird, it's not too late to buy a permit and research an area to hunt.

6 easy ways you can help wildlife, in honor of Earth Day

Utah is home to many wildlife species and spectacular landscapes. Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day, making it a great time to reflect on the ways we can help restore and preserve nature, including fish and wildlife and their habitats.

Found a baby bird on the ground? Here's what to do

It's a beautiful spring day so you decide to go for a nice walk around your neighborhood. You are strolling along the sidewalk when suddenly you hear loud chirping near your feet. You look over and see a baby bird lying on the ground near a tree trunk. What should you do?

Tips to help you stay safe and avoid conflict with rattlesnakes

With the warmer weather, rattlesnakes will begin emerging from their winter dens, and you may encounter one while hiking or spending time outdoors. Rattlesnake encounters may happen on occasion, but they don't need to deter you from getting outdoors. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and aware while recreating outside this spring and summer.

DWR releases recommendations for 2023 big game hunting permits

For the fifth consecutive year, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is recommending a decrease in the number of general-season deer hunting permits. The DWR is asking for the public's feedback on the recommended number of big game hunting permits for the 2023 seasons, as well as on a variety of other proposals.

DWR closes 24 wildlife management areas to help protect wintering deer in northern, central Utah

While many wildlife management areas in northern Utah are currently scheduled to reopen to public access on April 8, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is extending their closure through April 30 — and also closing additional WMAs in central Utah through the end of April — in an effort to help protect wintering deer and other big game in these areas.

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