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Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month at 2 DWR ranges

August is National Shooting Sports Month, making it a great time to hit the shooting range. (Established ranges are also a safer option for wildfire prevention, especially if you’re planning to target shoot with firearms during the current hot conditions.) Whether you are a beginner who wants to shoot a bow or rifle for the first time, or you’re a seasoned hunter prepping for the fall hunts, the two Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shooting ranges offer something for everyone.

Over 14,000 boats inspected for quagga mussels during Pioneer Day weekend

Law enforcement officers and technicians with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and other agencies had a busy 24th of July weekend, working to inspect and decontaminate boats across the state. Their efforts focused on preventing the invasive quagga mussels in Lake Powell and in other states from spreading to other Utah waterbodies.

Want to try hunting? Take a hunter education class or enroll in the Trial Hunting Program in Utah

If you are interested in trying hunting for the first time this fall or winter, you'll need to either take a hunter education class or participate in Utah's Trial Hunting Program. If you want to learn more about how to get into trapping, there is a required course to take for that, as well. If you've never taken hunter education or a furharvester course, rest assured that it isn't too late; but don't put it off because classes fill up quickly!

See hummingbirds up close at unique DWR event

As hummingbirds are migrating through Utah this summer, you've most likely witnessed a few eating at a feeder or enjoying some other source of nectar for a quick meal. If you want to see these incredible birds up close, you should consider attending an upcoming Utah Division of Wildlife Resources event in northeastern Utah.

Tips to help you prevent conflicts with bats

Utahns may see more bats during the summer months because the baby bats (called pups) are learning to fly and leaving their roosts for the first time. Here's what you should know about bats in Utah and what to do if you encounter them.

Want to see bats in the wild? Attend upcoming DWR viewing event

Utah is home to 18 confirmed bat species, and an upcoming Utah Division of Wildlife Resources event will give you the opportunity to learn more about them and also have the chance to possibly see bats up close.

Tips for stream, river fishing in Utah this summer

While there are a lot of great reservoirs and ponds where you can fish in Utah, the Beehive State also offers some excellent stream and river fishing. If you are planning any stream or river fishing this summer, here are a few things to know.

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