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3 spots in Utah that offer great shore fishing in September

The autumn leaves around you flash brilliant yellows and reds as you stand on the riverbank. The air has just a hint of coolness as you cast your fishing line into the clear water. Fall fishing has arrived.

3 events where you can see bright red kokanee salmon in Utah this fall

Autumn brings a lot of beautiful colors to Utah’s landscape, and driving to see the leaves change color is a popular activity for many locals. However, trees aren’t the only things that turn a brilliant shade of red in the fall — kokanee salmon do as well.

DWR officers to begin citing trespassers at old Tintic Mill

Despite misinformation online saying that the old Tintic Mill near Goshen is a good place to take photos, the area is actually closed to the public due to safety concerns, and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers will be actively issuing citations to trespassers.

What hunters should expect for this fall’s upland game hunts

If you didn’t draw out for any of the big game hunt drawings, but would still like the opportunity to hunt this fall, you still can! The majority of the upland game hunts in Utah are free and open to anyone with a Utah hunting license. So whether it’s a long-standing tradition or you are wanting to harvest a new species like chukar or grouse, here are a few things you should know that will help you have success.

4 Utah rivers that offer great fishing in August

During late summer, the heat can sometimes slow the fishing, but definitely don’t pack up your fishing pole just yet. The great snowpack from last winter means that Utah’s streams and rivers will offer some excellent fishing later into the summer this year and are definitely worth checking out this August.

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