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Game & Guinness pot pie

Elk pot pie in a pan The filling of this pot pie is essentially a hearty game and vegetable stew, which can be made with any kind of big game chuck or trim. I used pronghorn shoulder and elk trim for the batches photographed here, but it's equally delicious with mule deer or even goose.

Goose chorizo

Cooked goose chorizo wrapped in a taco shell with lettuce strips, tomatoes, avacados, lime and eggs, all on a plate If you're lucky enough to bag your limit of wild honkers, this savory and spicy sausage is a terrific way to make sure that all of the edible parts of the bird go to good use.

General Tso's chukar

Plate of cooked General Tso's chukar with sesame seeds and rice This preparation works well for a variety of Utah upland game birds. It's one of my favorite ways to cook up a pair of dusky grouse or a few chukars, and it turns out equally well using pheasant or ruffed grouse.

Wild turkey cassoulet

Wild turkey cassoulet in a Dutch oven on a stove After I serendipitously discovered that my oval Dutch oven perfectly cradles an entire bone-in turkey leg, wild turkey has become my go-to addition to the classic French comfort dish, cassoulet.

Grilled big game sliders

Grilled bison slider in a bun on a tray with chips and sauce Whether you're pulling the last of the ground mix out of the deep freeze from a past season or have some fresh trim on hand from this year's hunt, sliders are a quick and easy meal that comes together in a snap.
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