Utah wildlife recipes
Wildlife recipes Wildlife recipes

General Tso's chukar

Plate of cooked General Tso's chukar with sesame seeds and rice This preparation works well for a variety of Utah upland game birds. It's one of my favorite ways to cook up a pair of dusky grouse or a few chukars, and it turns out equally well using pheasant or ruffed grouse.

Wild turkey cassoulet

Wild turkey cassoulet in a Dutch oven on a stove After I serendipitously discovered that my oval Dutch oven perfectly cradles an entire bone-in turkey leg, wild turkey has become my go-to addition to the classic French comfort dish, cassoulet.

Grilled big game sliders

Grilled bison slider in a bun on a tray with chips and sauce Whether you're pulling the last of the ground mix out of the deep freeze from a past season or have some fresh trim on hand from this year's hunt, sliders are a quick and easy meal that comes together in a snap.

Crappie tacos

Crappie fish tacos with lime When grilled or fried, crappie and other panfish make great fish tacos. Here's a fish taco recipe to try.

JalapeƱo duck poppers

Here's a great way for you to use that hard-earned duck meat in your freezer.
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