Wetlands at the Great Salt Lake
Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Project Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Project
Wetlands in the Great Salt Lake


Wetlands in the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is recognized nationally and around the world for its extensive wetlands, which provide tremendous — often unparalleled — value to migratory birds.

Currently, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources oversees nine Waterfowl Management Areas (WMAs) around the Great Salt Lake:

These Waterfowl Management Areas provide habitat for shorebirds, waterbirds and waterfowl throughout the year. Such areas were first designated in the 1930s to restore aquatic habitat for birds and help reduce the spread of avian diseases. WMAs were created with the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps, who built canals, dikes and levees so that water could be stored and controlled. This method allows wildlife managers to maximize the productivity and health of a WMA.

Learn more about the current conditions of these WMAs, particularly for hunting season.

Utah's wetlands offer a vast variety of recreational activities like hiking, birding, photography, boating, hunting and fishing.

Overhead view of Great Salt Lake wetlands
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