Species to catch series

Species to catch series

  • Fishing for a feast

    What are panfish? They are certain species of fish popular among anglers for their mild flavor and white flaky texture. They are easy to catch and fit conveniently in a frying pan!
  • How do I catch those burbot?

    A night's worth of burbot and lake trout I get asked the question a lot this time of year: "How do I catch those burbot?"
  • Ice fishing: Moving beyond the basics

    Rainbow trout with equipment It's time to gear up for ice-fishing season! If you're serious about ice fishing and want to catch more fish, this post is for you.
  • Kokanee: to release or to keep?

    During the summer months, kokanee salmon are the "bread and butter" fishery on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Kokanee preference is as high as 60-percent and many anglers travel from all over the country to fish for these highly prized sportfish.
  • Quiz: How much do you know about fish in Utah?

    Angler holding a caught Bonneville cutthroat trout fish Find out how much you know about fish in Utah.
  • Walleye on the dinner plate

    Spring means all kinds of walleye activity around these parts, and we're pretty excited about it. Our aquatic biologists are currently in the middle of spawning operations out at Willard Bay, preparing to grow millions of sterile walleye to plant into waters throughout the state.
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