Recipe - fish

Recipe - fish

  • Ash trout

    Ash trout in campfire Cooking trout can be an ordeal in the backcountry. This recipe minimizes fish goo, and is simple, delicious and easily achievable after a long day's hike.
  • Boiled crayfish

    Boiled crayfish in a pot Crayfish, crawfish, crawdads or freshwater lobsters. Whatever you call them, these little crustaceans are abundant in many Utah reservoirs and streams.
  • Crappie tacos

    Crappie fish tacos with lime When grilled or fried, crappie and other panfish make great fish tacos. Here's a fish taco recipe to try.
  • Deep-fried walleye

    Walleye are predatory fish that are fun to catch and taste delicious.
  • Smoked trout

    Several smoked trout on a grill Smoking meat over fire is one of the world's oldest food preservation methods, and smoked trout is a dependably delicious way to preserve and serve your catch. Especially when the whole family reels in their limits at your favorite fishery!
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