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What to do if you find a baby bird

It's not unusual to find a baby bird on the ground this time of the year. Ron Stewart, regional conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says young birds often leave their nests before they're able to fly. "They usually spread along the branch of a tree and call for their parents to bring them food," he says.

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Complete winterkill at Calder Reservoir

After seeing and hearing reports of dead fish along the banks of Calder Reservoir, biologists set nets to determine the extent of the die-off. "We set three nets," says Ryan Mosley, biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR). "The only fish we caught were dead ones that floated into the net. The reservoir experienced a complete winterkill."

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Catch cutthroats, earn a medallion

A new program might take you to places in Utah you've never fished before. In the process, you'll also learn about cutthroat trout, the only trout that's native to Utah. The state's Cutthroat Slam is underway. If you register for the program and catch all four of Utah's cutthroat trout — Bear River, Bonneville, Colorado River and Yellowstone — you'll receive a medallion and a certificate.

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Hunt turkeys starting May 2

A chance to get into Utah's backcountry in the spring — when colorful tom turkeys are strutting and gobbling — is almost here. Utah's general statewide turkey hunt starts April 29 for those who will be 17 years of age or younger on July 31. On May 2, the hunt opens to hunters of all ages.

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See mountain goats on April 16, 2016

Colorful flowers and warmer weather aren't the only signs spring is here: So are mountain goats at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. You can see and learn more about the goats at a free wildlife-viewing event on April 16, 2016.

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Watch a free trolling seminar

If you own a fishing boat, you're on your way to some awesome fishing trips in Utah. But if you don't use your boat to troll for fish, you might be missing out on an excellent way to increase the number of fish you catch.

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DWR recommends more deer permits

You might have a better chance of drawing a buck deer hunting permit this year. Biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are recommending more general buck deer hunting permits — a total of 90,950 — for hunts in Utah this fall.

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Breeding stock protected at Red Fleet

An emergency fishing change at Red Fleet Reservoir should help ensure that yellow perch and crappie — released into the reservoir this spring by the Division of Wildlife Resources — can spawn successfully. If the fish spawn successfully, there's a good chance they'll establish themselves in the reservoir and provide anglers with great fishing in the future.

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View strutting sage grouse on April 9

The "bloop, bloop" sound that male sage grouse make, as they strut on their breeding grounds, is one of the most unique sounds you'll ever hear in nature. You can hear and watch this ritual yourself at a free wildlife-viewing event in east-central Utah. The event will happen April 9 at Emma Park, about 13 miles north of Price.

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More walleye for Willard Bay

Recent work at Willard Bay Reservoir will provide more walleye to catch at the reservoir in the future. But the reservoir north of Ogden isn't the only water that will benefit: anglers who fish other walleye waters in Utah will benefit too.

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