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Chukar numbers keep climbing

Good news, chukar hunters: The number of chukar partridge in Utah keeps climbing. During a helicopter survey over western Box Elder County on Aug. 29, Division of Wildlife Resources Biologist Jim Christensen counted 16 chukars per square mile. That's almost double the nine chukars per square mile he spotted in September 2012.

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1,000 chukar to be released soon

Wildlife biologists are going to release about 1,000 chukar partridge across Utah soon. Five areas in Carbon and Emery counties will receive a total of 400 of the pen-reared birds. The areas where the birds will be released provide good chukar habitat and good access for chukar hunters.

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Take a young person duck hunting

Hunters 15 years of age and younger will have Utah's marshes — and the ducks and geese that go with them — all to themselves on Sept. 21. That's the day Utah hosts its annual Youth Waterfowl Hunt.

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See kokanee salmon at Strawberry

About 800 kokanee salmon have swam up the Strawberry River from Strawberry Reservoir over the past few days as part of their annual spawning run. You can see hundreds of these bright red salmon — and possibly other wildlife, too — at the annual Kokanee Salmon Viewing Day on Sept. 21, 2013.

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4,250 muskies stocked in Utah waters

More than 4,200 tiger muskies have a new home in Utah. On Aug. 23, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources stocked 3- to 5-inch tiger muskies into three reservoirs in the state.

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See hawk, great horned owl release

Thousands of hawks, eagles and other birds of prey fly through Utah's crisp, clear skies every fall. You can watch as rehabilitators with Great Basin Wildlife Rescue release at least two rehabilitated Swainson's hawks and a great horned owl at Raptor Watch Day on Sept. 21, 2013.

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Forest grouse doing well

If you like to hunt ruffed and dusky grouse, Jason Robinson has good news: The number of forest grouse in Utah is similar to, or higher, than it was last fall.

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DWR recommends fishing changes

You might be allowed to have more fish in your freezer next year. And you might not be required to eat fish you catch at waters that have catch-and-kill regulations. Those changes are among several fishing changes Division of Wildlife Resources biologists are proposing for Utah's 2014 fishing season.

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Board approves cougar hunting rules

Hunters took 331 cougars in Utah during the 2011–2012 season. And they're on pace to take that many again during the current season, which ends Nov. 10, 2013. On Aug. 22, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved hunting rules that should result in about the same number of cougars being taken during the upcoming 2013–2014 season.

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See kokanee salmon at Sheep Creek

You don't need binoculars or a spotting scope to see kokanee salmon in Sheep Creek — the bright red fish are easy to see once they enter the stream. In addition to the salmon in the stream, you might see some bighorn sheep in the distance. And it's a great place to go birding.

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