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Fish in Utah Lake still need your help

Utah Lake is a prime example of the bad things that can happen when fish are taken from one body of water and placed illegally in another. A population of illegally placed northern pike is growing in size and might affect the sport fish and endangered fish in the lake.

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Deer herds doing well

The number of buck deer in Utah has increased again this year. If you'd like to hunt those bucks this fall, you need to submit your application no later than 11 p.m. on March 3. Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, encourages you not to wait until the last minute.

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Course required to hunt shed antlers

Captain Mitch Lane with the Division of Wildlife Resources says gathering shed antlers is a fun activity that your whole family can enjoy. Please remember, though, that late winter and early spring is a tough time of year for deer, elk and moose.

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See bald eagles, Feb. 13

If you've ever seen a bald eagle in the wild, you know it's an experience that can take your breath away. On Feb. 13, you'll have a chance not only to see bald eagles, but to learn more about them. The Division of Wildlife Resources will hold its annual Utah Bald Eagle Day that day.

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2016 black bear rules approved

A new black bear strategy, started in Utah in 2015, did exactly what wildlife managers hoped it would: it led to government agencies taking fewer bears and hunters taking more. At a Jan. 5, 2016 meeting, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved a similar bear hunting strategy for the new year.

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It's a great time to hunt cottontails

Don't put your shotgun or .22 away yet. And if you're just getting into hunting — or you're an experienced hunter who's ready for a hunt that's not too strenuous — cottontail rabbits might be the answer.

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Watch the Wildlife Board meeting

You can watch January 5, 2016 Utah Wildlife Board meeting. This is an archived version of the meeting that was originally webcast live.

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Catch perch and win prizes

You can catch tasty yellow perch, enjoy free hot chocolate and win prizes at the second Fish Lake Perch Tournament. In addition to 10 firearms, Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife is donating $3,500 in additional prizes. Ten fish will be tagged with numbers that will win you a firearm, but the fish with the firearm-winning tags must be caught on the day of the tournament — Jan. 30 — in order to win.

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Find ice fishing close to home

You have warm clothes, and boots that are waterproof and insulated. Your ice fishing equipment is ready to go. And you have a basic idea about how to locate fish and catch them through the ice. So what's standing between you and a great ice fishing experience in Utah this winter?

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Biologists keeping close eye on deer

Snow and cold temperatures have blanketed the places mule deer live in Utah. And that's brought Division of Wildlife Resources biologists out in force. As they do every winter, biologists are monitoring the state's deer herds closely. If conditions get too severe, the biologists are prepared to feed the deer specially designed pellets.

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