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Swans are flying into the marshes

Tundra swans are flying into northern Utah right now. And thousands more are on their way. During a Nov. 1 survey flown over marshes on the northeastern shore of Great Salt Lake, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources spotted more than 4,700 swans.

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Get a good look at mule deer

November is the perfect time for wildlife watchers and photographers to get close to mule deer without spooking them. Instead of worrying about humans, mule deer bucks spend their energy breeding or fighting other males. To take advantage of this time of year, the Division of Wildlife Resources will host a free Mule Deer Watch on Saturday, Nov. 19.

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DWR recommends new hunts

As the number of big game animals in Utah increases, so do possibilities for sportsmen and sportswomen in the state. Biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources are recommending several new big game opportunities for 2017.

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Cancelled - Bighorn Sheep Watch

The 2016 Bighorn Sheep Watch event in Green River has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you'll join us for next year's planned event.

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Lots of deer await rifle deer hunters

As Utah's general rifle buck deer hunt approaches, the Utah Division of Wildlife has some encouraging news to share. The Division has also launched a new website that could help you get ready for the hunt.

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Big bucks, clear skies

Warm, sunny weather didn't stop hunters from taking an impressive number of buck mule deer over the opening weekend of Utah's general rifle buck deer hunt. And many of the bucks were big, mature deer.

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Utah's most prized big game permits

Starting Oct. 26, you can apply for next year's most prized Utah big game hunting permits — 2017 sportsman permits. Sportsman permit usually have longer season dates and let you hunt on almost any unit in Utah.

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10,000 pheasants to be released

If it's been years since you hunted pheasants, it's time to grab your gun and head afield. More than 10,000 pheasants will be released on 56 public hunting areas during Utah's upcoming pheasant hunt.

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How to have a safe rifle hunt

Utah's most popular hunt — the general rifle buck deer hunt — begins Oct. 22, 2016. Getting prepared now — by gathering materials and gaining knowledge — is the key to a safe and successful experience.

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Report hunting violations

With most of Utah's hunting seasons in full swing, wildlife officers are asking hunters and anglers — and others who are in the outdoors too — to watch for illegal hunting activities. That includes hunters shooting animals but not retrieving them, shooting that occurs after dark or any activity that seems suspicious.

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