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Episode 20: Utah Cutthroat Slam

In this episode, DWR Habitat Section Assistant Chief Paul Thompson and Trout Unlimited Communications Director for Science, Western Water & Habitat and Headwater Programs Brett Prettyman talk all about Utah's exciting fishing challenge — the Utah Cutthroat Slam. They explain why the program was started, how it works and how it's helping native cutthroat trout.


Episode 19: Birdwatching at the wildlife center

In this episode, DWR's Eccles Wildlife Education Center Site Coordinator Billy Fenimore talks about the beautiful facility at Farmington Bay, what visitors can do there, what types of birds you can expect to see and how to get into birdwatching.


Episode 18: Dirty jobs

In this episode, DWR Wildlife Technician Steve Gray showcases one of the division's grossest jobs: roadkill removal. He explains the process of removing these dead animals, some of the difficulties of the job, and tips drivers should be aware of to help avoid a collision. This episode was originally recorded in October 2020.


Episode 17: The Fisheries Experiment Station

In this episode, DWR Fisheries Experiment Station Director Wade Cavender talks about the unique research and fish health certification work being done at the facility. (And no, despite the name, it does not include experiments creating new Frankenstein-esque fish.) This episode was originally recorded in October 2020.


Episode 16: Pelican banding

In this episode, Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program Manager John Luft talks about one of Utah's largest birds — how they are unique, why they choose to nest along the Great Salt Lake, and how the DWR helps manage them. This episode was originally recorded in October 2020.


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