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Turn in a poacher

Help us protect your wildlife, turn in a suspected wildlife violation.

If you witness an in-progress wildlife violation — or you're aware of a previously committed wildlife crime — please contact DWR conservation officers as soon as possible. Your four contact options are listed below in order of urgency:

  1. Call the UTiP hotline at 1-800-662-3337
  2. Submit a tip through the DWR Law Enforcement app
  3. Send a text to 847411
  4. Submit a tip online (contact with an officer may be more limited than with the other options)

1. Call the UTiP hotline


This is the Utah Turn-in-a-Poacher (UTiP) hotline, and it's the fastest way to get in touch with us. It's staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Hotline operators will ask you detailed questions about what you saw, and in many instances, may patch you directly through to a local conservation officer.

Note: If you are witnessing a public safety emergency, please call 911.

2. Use the DWR Law Enforcement app

If the violation may not demand an immediate response, or if you're unwilling or unable to speak with UTiP hotline operators, you may submit a tip through the DWR Law Enforcement app, which is available as a free download for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. This reporting option will initiate a chat conversation with DWR Law Enforcement personnel. You may remain anonymous, if you wish, but we encourage you to provide your name and contact information to better assist the investigating officers.

Download the iOS version of the DWR Law Enforcement app from the Apple App Store
Download the Android version of the DWR Law Enforcement app from the Google Play Store

3. Text UTiP


Text us any information you can about the violation. Tips can be directed to the appropriate DWR region by adding the following keywords to the body of the text message:

Note: Please include the desired keyword in your text, or the respective office won't receive it.

4. Submit a tip online (contact with an officer may be more limited than with the other options)

You may also submit an online tip using the map below. If you choose this reporting option, please understand that system limitations may make it difficult for our officers to contact you with any follow-up questions. Please provide detailed, comprehensive information in the body of your report — or be sure to include your name and contact information — to ensure that investigating officers can obtain the details they need.

Click or tap the location of the violation on the DWR region map. This will ensure the tip is routed to appropriate patrol staff. If you are unsure of the location, contact DWR Law Enforcement Headquarters.


Why should I care about reporting wildlife crimes?

Poachers are thieves. They steal resources and opportunities that you pay to enjoy. And in many instances, poachers waste wildlife, removing heads or claws and then leaving the rest of the animal to rot.

If you're an ethical hunter or angler, you care about wildlife and don't want to see it stolen or wasted. In recent years, dozens of high-profile poaching cases have been cracked with the help of people like you. You may also earn a reward for your efforts. Do your part to protect Utah's wildlife by reporting poachers immediately.

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