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Earn a reward

Turn in a poacher and get more than a thank you.

If you provide information that leads to the successful arrest and prosecution of a poacher, you may receive a reward for your efforts. Depending on the case, the DWR can issue various types of rewards:

Financial rewards

You could receive a reward of up to $1,000 if you share information that leads to the arrest and successful prosecution of a poacher. In some high-profile cases, various sportsmen's groups have contributed to the reward fund and increased the amount up to $5,000.

Reward permits

The Division sometimes offers reward permits when poached animals are once-in-a-lifetime species or big game animals on limited-entry areas. To receive one of these permits, you must be eligible to receive the permit, and you must provide information that leads to a poacher's arrest and successful prosecution for wanton destruction of wildlife. For more information on this opportunity, see DWR Administrative Rule R657-51.

To be eligible for either of the above rewards, you must be willing to provide detailed information and sometimes work closely with wildlife officers until the poacher is convicted. The DWR issues rewards on a limited case-by-case basis.

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