Conservation officers at work
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Utah DWR conservation officer holding a scope

Conservation officers at work

Conservation officers are first and foremost public servants. We serve as the protector and guardian of the people's wildlife. Holding violators accountable ensures healthy wildlife populations for future generations.

Utah DWR conservation officer holding a scope

Our conservation officers understand that most of the people we contact are lawfully hunting or fishing, and we strive to deliver excellent customer service.

A day in the life of a DWR conservation officer is varied, unpredictable, rewarding and never typical. We spend the vast majority of our time in the field, performing patrol functions in every corner of the state — from remote high-mountain lakes to rough red rock canyons. We serve Utah's people and protect wildlife in small towns and bustling urban communities.

At any given time you'll find Utah's conservation officers:

  • Deterring and intercepting poachers
  • Responding to and investigating reports of wildlife-related crimes
  • Supporting hunter-safety programs
  • Actively enforcing safety-related laws in the field
  • Responding to emergency call-outs on nights, weekends and holidays
  • Assisting biologists with wildlife surveys
  • Relocating wildlife to protect the safety of people and animals
  • Protecting critical wildlife habitat
  • Working alongside allied law enforcement agencies by enforcing criminal code, assisting with vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, search-and-rescue efforts and generally serving the people of Utah

Our goal is to build and strengthen relationships within the communities we interact with, the user groups we serve and the allied agencies we work alongside.

Learn more about our specialized teams and directed efforts throughout Utah

DWR Officer James Thomas and K-9 Kip
K-9 Team

Our K-9s have been certified and trained to detect wildlife and specific types of evidence. The canine officers and their handlers assist with search-and-rescue efforts, investigate wildlife-related crimes, ensure public safety and protect Utah's wildlife.

Investigations Unit

DWR Investigations Unit members possess highly developed skills and deploy cutting-edge technology in the ongoing effort to protect your wildlife.

Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) Team

Housed within the DWR Investigations Unit, the Drone Team provides our conservation officers with critical visual assets to document crime scenes, search for evidence, conduct biological surveys, track nuisance animals, and investigate human/animal encounters.

Aquatic Invasive Species Interdiction

DWR AIS staff — supported by conservation officers — work at multiple levels to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species to other waterways, and protect the integrity of Utah's critical water delivery infrastructure.

Female conservation officer letting a phesant out of a wooden cage
Training Team

Inservice instructors and Field Training Officers are critical to the success of their fellow conservation officers. They provide invaluable knowledge and training that keeps the law enforcement section moving forward and our officers always ready to meet the challenges of the job.

Honor Guard

Formed in 2003, the DWR Honor Guard performs ceremonial duties in various capacities, including honoring former conservation officers.

See more about our officers on patrol and information about becoming a conservation officer.

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