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What to do if you encounter a mountain lion in Utah

While cougar attacks are quite rare in the U.S., there is always the chance you may see a cougar on your doorbell camera footage or while you are out hiking this summer. If you do happen to encounter a cougar, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Utah Wildlife Board approves decrease in 2023 big game hunting permits, other items

For the fifth consecutive year, the Utah Wildlife Board approved a decrease in the number of general-season deer hunting permits. The board also approved the other big game and antlerless hunting permits that will be issued during the 2023 seasons, as well as a variety of additional items during the May 4, 2023 public meeting.

Seasonal closure extended to May 15 on 4 WMAs in northern Utah

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is extending the closure of four wildlife management areas in northern Utah in order to protect deer and pronghorn that are still wintering in deep snow in the areas.

DWR releases new app for reporting ‘deadheads’ to increase efficiency

In an effort to increase efficiency and improve responsiveness to the public, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recently released a new app that allows people to quickly report the skulls of big game animals that still have their antlers or horns attached.

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