Mule deer research underway in Utah
Three mule deer, huddled together in a field, staring at the camera Three mule deer, huddled together in a field, staring at the camera

Mule deer research underway in Utah

Collecting good, scientific data is essential to understanding Utah deer.

HOW MANY deer fawns die in Utah each year? And what's killing them? How about the number of deer that are hit and killed by cars each year — do the statistics the state has give an accurate picture of the number of deer that are actually hit and killed?

Fortunately, in just a few short years, all of us — wildlife biologists, hunters and non-hunters alike — will have a much better idea. The Division of Wildlife Resources has started, or is in the process of starting, several mule-deer related research projects across Utah. Examples include the following:

How many does and female fawns die each year?

Having plenty of female deer in Utah's population — both adults and fawns — is the key to growing the state's deer herds. — Read more

Monitoring deer fawns

Biologists will place a vaginal implant in does they capture on the unit. When each doe gives birth to a fawn, the implant will fall to the ground with the fawn. The implant will send a signal to biologists that a fawn has been born and where the fawn is located. — Read more

Coyote research

A second part of the study will provide information about the effect coyotes have on deer fawns and whether or not coyotes can be successfully controlled. The coyote portion of the study will run as follows: — Read more

Tagging dead deer

Done in partnership with Utah State University, the first part of the study involves college students riding all terrain vehicles along the edge of roads. When the students find a dead deer, they'll attach a colored zip tie to the animal. — Read more

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