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Team Wildlife - Fishing - Learn

  • A scenic Scofield getaway

    DWR employee casting rainbow trout into Scofield Reservoir Early summer is a great time to experience southeastern Utah before the arid landscape really heats up. Additionally, this area has plenty of recreational opportunities and beautiful places to see. From Scofield Reservoir — for kayaking, fishing and more — to the burgeoning artists' town of Helper, where you can birdwatch along the scenic Riverwalk.
  • An East Canyon excursion

    Overlooking East Canyon Reservoir, with boaters and anglers in the water There's a ton of fun to be had in northern Utah, both in the beautiful outdoors and in the region's bustling urban areas. Check out this travel guide for tips on great fishing at East Canyon and Echo reservoirs, camping, glamping, bird-watching and even a museum visit or two.
  • DWR again making proactive fish stocking changes to minimize drought impacts

    With almost half of Utah still experiencing extreme drought conditions and with Gov. Spencer Cox's recent drought emergency order, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has again implemented proactive measures to help minimize drought impacts to Utah's fisheries.

  • DWR increases fishing limits at 6 waterbodies in Utah due to drought impacts, pond repairs

    In anticipation of low water levels due to drought conditions and repair work that will require one waterbody to be drained, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources issued emergency changes to Utah's fishing regulations on Thursday. These changes will allow anglers to catch and keep more fish at six waterbodies around the state.

  • DWR proposes classifying roundtail chub as a sportfish, other changes to fishing regulations

    The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is proposing changes to fishing regulations across the state, including classifying roundtail chub as a sportfish and establishing fishing regulations for the species. A few other changes are also being recommended, and the DWR is asking for the public's feedback on the proposals.

  • DWR stocks more than 8.2 million fish throughout Utah in 2022

    In an effort to enhance fishing and boost native fish populations, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocks a variety of fish species throughout Utah every year. In 2022, the DWR again proactively changed its fish stocking to help more fish survive during the ongoing drought.

  • Fishing and fun in central Utah

    Man holding channel catfish from a kayak at Utah Lake Whether you're looking for a quick fishing trip close to a city or a more remote excursion, exploring central Utah — which includes most of Salt Lake, Utah, Summit and Wasatch counties — will be worth your while.
  • Forward-thinking fisheries

    Youngster holding several caught fish at Otter Creek Managing fisheries means more than just providing a good fishing experience at an angler's favorite waterbody today — we're proactively planning for years to come.
  • How Utah's fish hatcheries adapt to drought

    Drought-ridden Navajo Lake, with a lowered water level, under a cloudy sky Have you seen the impacts of drought at your favorite fishing spot? Drought impacts fish by reducing the amount of water available in lakes, reservoirs and streams throughout the state. These are primary habitats for Utah's fish, and having less water affects fish in multiple ways.
  • Panguitch Lake break

    View of clear water at Panguitch Lake in southern Utah, amid cloudy skies Want to plan a weekend excursion to some of Utah's most beautiful landscapes, complete with great fishing? Look no further! Part of how we work to improve fisheries — and help anglers have a fun and successful experience — is by making sure our waterbodies are great places for anglers to spend time in Utah's outdoors.
  • Profile: Why I Fish — Joe Sanchez

    Team Wildlife profile

    Joe Sanchez

    White line

    A dad who loves the adventure of fishing

    Joe Sanchez

    Tell us about yourself: Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I grew up in Paradise, Utah and currently live in Ogden. I am self-employed as a sub-contractor. During my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family camping, hiking, fishing, sipping on craft beers and grilling. I make the best carne asada tacos.

    Why do you fish, and how did you get into it?

    I fish because it is exciting and fun. You never know what you are going to catch, but you are always going to have a good time. I grew up in the '90s, and the other neighborhood kids and I would ride our bikes all over town from dusk to dawn. We were lucky to live in a town with a lot of lakes and rivers nearby, which allowed us to fish as much as possible.

    What is your favorite part of fishing?

    My favorite part of fishing is arriving at the water and figuring out the best approach. Whether I am fishing in a river, ice fishing or posting up on a lake, my success depends on where I approach the water. After years of fishing, you learn to read the water and know where the fish are located. The yield of my success depends on the time of day, location or my choice of tackle. As you become a more experienced angler, you are able to make better decisions on strategy to help you have success. I have learned that fish are creatures of opportunity — if you present them with an opportunity of easy food, they will take it.

    What are some tips you would offer someone who is interested in learning to fish?

    There are two things that I would recommend to a beginner:

    1. Don't make fishing a chore, make it easy to do. One way to help with that is to keep your fishing gear in your car and to keep it light and compact. Have your fishing rod and tackle ready to go at all times so you can stop by a body of water in your spare time and throw in a line. Nothing is worse than driving past a good fishing hole and not being able to fish it because you don't have your gear with you. Be prepared and keep things simple!
    2. Follow the rules. Read the current Utah Fishing Guidebook so you know the laws for each area and can keep on fishin' on!
    Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez and his young son holding a fish in the water

    To learn more about fishing and fisheries management, visit

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Quiz: How do we manage Utah's fisheries?

    Woman holding a fishing pole at a lake, surrounded by a green forest Take the first quiz in our new series of Team Wildlife quizzes. Find out how much you know about Utah's fisheries and their management.
  • The strategy and science behind fish stocking

    Tiger muskie fingerlings "Why did you stock that species of fish in that water?" is one of the most common questions I get as a fisheries professional. That question is usually followed by "And, why did you stock the fish at that size?"
  • Utah Cutthroat Slam reaches 1,000 completions, announces new medallions

    The 1,000th completion of the Utah Cutthroat Slam took place on Sept. 12, marking a huge milestone for the fishing challenge that helps fund conservation efforts for native cutthroat trout in Utah.

  • Where to go fishing this spring for family-friendly opportunities or to catch large fish

    If you want a fun outdoor option for your holiday activities, there are several potential destinations. Utah offers lots of different fishing opportunities and experiences for those who want to fish with their families or those who want to target large fish — and conditions are particularly good around Memorial Day.

  • Winter fun at Steinaker, Starvation and Flaming Gorge reservoirs

    Boy holding a trout fish caught at Steinaker Reservoir Everyone is familiar with Utah's iconic shape and the "bite" taken out of the upper-right corner. But have you hooked a bite there while fishing yet? If not, we encourage you to visit Utah's great northeast this winter for ice fishing, outdoor recreation and more.
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