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10 gift ideas for anglers

ARE YOU IN search of Christmas gifts for your favorite angler? We can help! We asked a whole bunch of avid anglers around here what they could never have enough of, and these are the top picks.

1.    Fillet knife
You can go basic, or lithium ion cordless. Any angler who likes to keep their catch would put a new fillet knife to good use.

2.    Fishing pliers or hemostat
Pliers and hemostats get a lot of wear and tear. Every angler would be happy to get an extra set.

3.    Lures
Take a peek inside your angler’s tackle box then head to your local outdoor retailer and grab some extra lures. Great stocking stuffers!

4.    State Parks annual pass
Utah is home to 43 State Parks, and more than 20 of them have well-maintained fisheries. Consider an annual day use parks pass.

5.    Rods and reels
Do a bit of web research before selecting a new rod and reel as a gift.

6.    Fish finder
Fish finders allow anglers to see graphic representation of what’s under the water. There are many brands with varying functionality and price points.

7.    Fishing license
Buy a fishing license extension, and the fisherman or woman in your life won’t have to worry about theirs expiring.

8.    Float tube
Float tubes are lightweight and ultra-portable — ideal for anglers without boats who like to fish lakes and ponds.

9.    Ice fishing gear
If your angler likes to pull fish up through the ice, consider getting him a new tent, electric ice auger or heater.

10.    Gift card
Many anglers prefer to pick out their own gear. No one would turn down gift money to his or her favorite local outdoor retailer.