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A different kind of dream hunt

My hunting trip this fall was one I'd looked forward to for much of my adult life. But it took some unusual turns and involved a lot more water than expected — especially for a pronghorn hunt.

Better habitat, more birds

Over the years, I've developed a few rules to live by. One of those rules is that I won't ask someone to do something that I'm not willing to try myself. That's why I've completed each of the Upland Game Slams that's been offered. It's one of my fall traditions — and best of all, I know the money I put into the slam is going toward hands-on projects that benefit wildlife and other hunters!

Where to see Utah's spawning kokanee salmon

I try to get my family outdoors every weekend, and fall is one of our favorite times to go exploring. In recent years, we've made it a tradition to watch Utah's kokanee salmon as they run up the rivers to lay their eggs. In the past, we've enjoyed kokanee-watching at Strawberry and Sheep Creek, but I haven't quite decided where we'll go this year. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options!

Keep your hot fishing streak alive

I'm an avid angler, but I'm also an old baseball player, and all baseball players are a little superstitious about keeping a hot streak going. Fishing is much the same. I have had success over the years and always kept track of what worked and what didn't. I've changed my fishing behavior to match those most successful times and have even convinced the folks who fish with me.

Rebuilding Pelican Lake for future generations

As a kid, Pelican Lake was the most fun place you could fish in the whole world. I vividly remember days of catching so many bluegill and bass that my thumb was raw from taking them off the hook. Now, as a regional fisheries biologist in my hometown, it's my job to restore this fishery to its past glory.

New officer, big case

I was ready to call it a day after hours of checking anglers on Strawberry Reservoir. I had officially been patrolling for three weeks, and I was learning my way around the reservoir. Just as we packed in all of our gear, a call came over the radio.

Monarch butterflies in Utah need your help

More than beautiful, monarch butterflies contribute to the health of the planet. Butterflies — and other pollinators like birds, bats and bees — are vital to creating and maintaining the habitats that many animals rely on for food and shelter. We need pollinators.

Springtime magic

One of my highlights every spring is the chance I get to count sharp-tailed grouse on a remote grouse gathering area — called a lek — in northern Utah.

Western Native Trout Challenge

It can be said that the "lure of the West" is native trout. They are the embodiment of the Western character — its eternal struggle and triumph of adaptation to a life of water in a dry land.

How to catch and cook bullfrogs

Most of the ponds and marshes along the Wasatch Front contain bullfrogs. A quick evening trip and some listening will reveal if you’ve found a spot where bullfrogs are present. They breed from late spring through early summer, during which time you’ll hear males call together in a chorus.
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