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8 New Year’s resolutions for anglers

Crystal Ross is the Division's social media coordinator. She loves to go fishing, camping, birdwatching and hiking. When she's not busy working in the field or at her desk crafting stories for social media, she's likely with her family in Utah's great outdoors.

Christmas is behind us and we’re looking ahead to 2015. We thought of some resolutions for the fishermen and women in Utah.

  1. Teach a child to fish. So you love to fish? Pass on the passion by showing a youngster how great it is to feel that tug on the fishing pole. Community ponds are the perfect place for this.

    Learn to catch walleye in 2015!

    Learn to catch walleye in 2015!

  2. Fish for something new. Utah is home to an abundance of fish species. Consider targeting something you’ve never caught. Maybe you’re ready for the challenge of walleye, or a big tiger muskie.
  3. Try tying your own flies. Here’s an opportunity to be creative and economical. Tying flies is a good skill to learn — especially during bad-weather days.
  4. Enter tournaments. Make it a family affair! Pack up your gear, head outdoors, catch big fish and win big prizes. There’s a whole heap of fishing contests in Utah — especially in the wintertime.
  5. Visit at least 5 of Utah’s Blue Ribbon fisheries. Anglers come to Utah from all over to visit some of our exquisite waters. You’re lucky enough to live here; why not check out a few you’ve never seen?
  6. Take more pictures of your catch. Back up your fantastic fish stories with lots of good photos. Your friends and family will want to see them, and you’ll likely want to look back at those memories. You can also send them to us on Facebook and we’ll consider sharing them there.

    You can catch golden trout in the Uintas.

    You can catch golden trout in the Uintas.

  7. Help conserve our fisheries. Make it a point to improve Utah’s waters by preventing the spread of invasive mussels. You can also participate in the Burbot Bash at Flaming Gorge.
  8. Feed your family. Keeping the fish you catch — up to your legal limit — is the key to providing fish with the food they need to grow. So keep your catch and cook it up for the fam! (Need recipes? Check out our board on Pinterest.)

These are attainable, right? What would you add to the list?

4 Responses to 8 New Year’s resolutions for anglers

  1. In addition on #7 the state could consider improving bass structure/ habit in Southern Utah. I know we are a “Trout State” but we have excellent bass fishing and with a little help it could become world class.

    Or let the bass fishermen do it, we have been trying for a long time to get something going.

  2. Work to garner support from irrigation companies to leave a sustainable water flow rear round vice shutting water completely off, which in turn kills the fish stocked by DWR during spring and summer only to be caught in a wasteful cycle, year after year.

  3. Would it be possible to seriously entertain the thought of stocking more hybrids in some of our other lakes and reservoirs? I’m not a biologist but I know that the introduction of Splake or Tiger Trout would bring some excitement and opportunity back to places like Strawberry. You have a large body of water with only three target species of fish, one of which (Kokanee) people don’t have the opportunity to fish for without having access to a boat. Personally, I’d rather catch a couple nice Tigers or Splake than 50 cutthroats in the slot. Thank You also for the great management you have done with the Kokanee in Strawberry. Fishing for them has been amazing the past couple years!

  4. Anglers in Utah are wanting more and more warm water fishing opportunities. I used to be an avid trout fisherman, but one trip to lake powell in the spring, man I was hooked, smallmouth bass amazing fish, I live up north and there are places I can go to catch bass… most of them need better structure.. I have traveled to lake powell for the last five years now. It would be awesome to have a few opportunities up north to take my children out and catch, smallmouth, largemouth, crappie, bluegill, catfish, all in one day…
    I take my kids fishing to catch some fish usually rainbows man you walk up to the lake and there are dead fish everywhere, we actually eat and enjoy eating fish in my family of 7. There has to be a way to get more of these tasty, fun to catch warm water fish. I do not have all the answers and neither do you but STRUCTURE, structure, and lots more structure for these fish, who knows if could of had a bigger home more bed rooms more bathrooms maybe just maybe my wife would of let me have a lot more kids??? Probably not….. but it seems like those fish would.. Thanks James

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