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Big brother, bugs and squishy shoes

Fun memories of my first fishing trip

Robin is the DWR's marketing coordinator and spends much of her time working to get — and keep — people excited about fishing. She is also heavily involved with legislative issues important to the DWR.

Remember your first fishing trip? Whether you were young or old, successful or skunked, that initial trip makes a lasting impression. And you never forget who took you. For me, it was my brother, Joe.

Robin Thomas with her brother Joe.

Robin Thomas, around five or six years old, with her brother Joe.

I was only five years old, but I still remember it was a sweltering Utah summer, probably sometime in late July or early August.

On weekends, my family would trek to the property we owned above Jordanelle Reservoir. Then we’d spend hours working on projects, especially mending and painting fences. Looking back, that’s probably why Joe volunteered to take me fishing!

Joe is seven years older than I am and always treated me like his little buddy. On our weekend trips, we’d help with family projects and then head over to the large, winding irrigation ditch and toss in a line.

I don’t recall any spectacular catches during that first trip — just a lot of fun. We had such a good time that we went back whenever we could. In addition to reeling in fish, we’d throw rocks, catch bugs and swing on a nearby rope swing. Then we’d wander back, sunburned and happy, in soppy, squishy shoes. That time with Joe is one of my favorite childhood memories, and it’s why I still fish today.

Robin Thomas at Willard Bay in 2001 with her first walleye.

Robin Thomas at Willard Bay in 2001 with her first wiper.

12 Responses to Big brother, bugs and squishy shoes

  1. Those memories of our first trips fishing leave strong impressions. Nice job Joe taking out the little sister! No matter who it is, a daughter, son, brother, sister, Mom, Dad,niece,nephew, neighbor or friend great memories and bonds of friendship begin and grow when you go fishing together! Thanks Robin for sharing with us. Russ Muir

  2. As a marketing coordinator who spends much of your time working to ‘get — and keep — people excited about fishing’, you’re certainly doing your job! Your story has me thinking about my own childhood memories and wanting to drive over your way and make new memories. You obviously enjoy what you do. How fun!

  3. great post I am a south african now living in the uk and I miss the fishing trips of old where me and my Dad used to go

  4. you take me 15 years back with this post. some wonderful memories of fishing and first time i went with my cousins. thanks for remember all those things.

  5. I have never done fishing. But your post has aroused my excitement.

  6. Next weekend I will go to fishing with my son but I never done before. Hope it’s wonder time like you.

  7. Cuisinart CoffeeMaker first trip fishing is an exciting one especially when its a family bonding.I guess its double purpose,first you can fish for a meal and second you had fun. plus points is the adventure.right?

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    Wow,you have a great experience in fishing trip.First trip fishing is an exciting one especially when its a family bonding.Thanks Thomas for sharing it..

  9. Hi this is really a good post and it reminded me of my weekends when i go for fishing.

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    I never forget childhood Incident in my life, that is very special incident with my friend……..

  11. that is happy photo, thanks you

  12. Quite Impressive post. Memories are always remembered when spen with friend and family.

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