Miscellaneous DWR publications

Hunting & fishing guidebooks
The guidebooks contain the official rules, regulations and other information governing hunting and fishing in Utah.

Utah Sensitive Species List

Black Ghosts of the Forest: A Utah Black Bear Study
A study of black bears in the Diamond Fork and Hobble Creek areas of Utah County (78 pages, published 2008) — (PDF format, 1.6 MB)

Access to Wildlife Lands in Utah
A guide to visitor use on lands administered by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for fish and wildlife habitat (144 pages, soft cover

Landscaping for Wildlife
A guide for designing and creating wildlife-friendly backyards in Utah — (PDF format, 2.2 MB)

Wildlife fact sheets — notebook series
Animals include American Black Bear, Canada Goose, Rocky Mountain Elk, Great Blue Heron, Kit Fox, Mule Deer, Bald Eagle, Black-Footed Ferret, Kokanee, Mountain Lion and more.

Utah Partners in Flight Avian Conservation Strategy, v 2.0
(Updated April 2003) This document examines the status of 231 Utah breeding birds and their habitats. A total of 24 species and their habitats are prioritized for conservation action based on recommendations to be implemented for each. This document will be periodically updated. — (PDF format, 8.0 MB)

Riparian restoration
A Handbook of Riparian Restoration and Revegetation for the Conservation of Land Birds in Utah With Emphasis on Habitat Types in Middle and Lower Elevations — (PDF format, 13 MB)

Fauna of Southeastern Utah and the Life Requisites Regarding their Ecosystems
An assessment of wildlife inhabitation by ecological association in southeastern Utah.

Bats of Utah
This report summarizes information concerning the bat fauna of Utah.

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