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Utah offers Project WILD training in multiple curricula.

Project WILD and Aquatic WILD (K-12)

The Project WILD and Aquatic WILD guides both provide activities and resources to incorporate wildlife and conservation into your practice. They contain a variety of grade-appropriate lesson plans that include field investigations, STEM extensions, career connections and outdoor components. These activities are appropriate to meet Utah state educational standards for science, math, English language arts and social studies.

Both of these K-12 guides contain lessons related to topics such as adaptations, habitats, populations, land management and human-wildlife interactions. Project WILD emphasizes terrestrial habitats such as mountains, deserts, urban and agricultural land. Aquatic WILD focuses on aquatic habitats such as rivers, lakes and wetlands. In Utah, Project WILD and Aquatic WILD training may be offered separately or as a combined workshop.

Growing Up WILD (pre-K–2nd grade)

Growing Up WILD, Project WILD's early childhood curriculum, contains activities tailored to the unique learning needs of children ages 3–7. This guide contains 27 field-tested, hands-on activities, as well as additional resources to help you invite children to explore the natural world around them. Activities promote skills related to social-emotional development, letter recognition, science, social studies and math.

Flying WILD (5th–8th grade)

Flying WILD focuses on birds and birding-related topics. Although the activities are designed for grades five through eight, they may be adapted for fourth through twelfth grade as needed. An overhauled new edition of this guide is expected to go to print in late 2021, so Flying WILD workshops will begin in Utah once this new book is available.

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